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Enhanced Medical Nutrition


Through this project Enhanced Medical Nutrition (EMN) will asses the practicality/ feasibility of introducing a perioperative immunonutrition protocol into a hospital environment as well as a true measure of impact on the rate of surgical site infection (SSI) using the NSQIP audit system. The collected data will demonstrate meaningful statistics from a local customer that can be clearly understood by various national hospitals and will serve as a platform for commercial growth and expansion.

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Health Coaching: Improving Skills of the Health Workforce


York University launched the Health Coach Institute and the Certificate in Health Coaching in 2014. This Certificate addresses the competencies and skills needed to train registered health professionals to health coach. We will continue this success by applying health coaching as an intervention for diabetes and obesity, finding solutions to integrating health coaching practices in the current health care system, and training internationally-educated health professionals to transition into health coaching roles.

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