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While health technologies have rapidly innovated in recent decades, many of these technologies remain out of the hands of the everyday user. The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition challenges today’s limitations and redefines what is possible to change the world for the better. Its latest challenge, inspired by Star Trek, was to develop a Tricorder device that accurately diagnoses 13 health conditions and captures five health vital signs. The Tricorder could radically transform the frontline healthcare landscape, giving individuals the choice in when, where, and how they receive care in a convenient, affordable, and accessible manner.

Ontario’s Start-up of 2015, Cloud DX, submitted its platform, VITALITI, to the XPRIZE competition. VITALITI is a vital sign monitor that can measure heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, respiration, and activity, as well as autonomously diagnose up to nineteen separate diseases. Through the use of such next-generation vital sign monitors coupled with smart software, the aim is to reduce clinical workload and optimize patient recovery.

As one of seven finalist teams, and the only Canadian start-up in the competition, Cloud DX worked with University Health Network to redesign and test the VITALITI Tricorder for the final stage of the competition. The goal was to redesign the Tricorder’s earpiece, otoscope, and ECG sensors to improve signal quality, reliability, performance and user experience through a human-centered design process. As part of the XPRIZE competition, the Cloud DX VITALITI was awarded the Bold Epic Innovator Award. Work continues on the product with the aim for commercialization in 2018.

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