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Remote Monitoring for TAVR Patients

Patients who undergo Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) risk developing cardiac arrhythmias such as heart block and atrial fibrillation, which necessitate monitoring for 5 – 10 days post-surgery. Currently this monitoring is done using scarce and expensive hospital telemetry beds. Using mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnostic Service (m-CARDS) patients are able to be discharged 24-hours post-surgery while continuing to be monitored remotely. These patients require a higher frequency of data review and if a critical issue arises, there is a need for a closed-loop notification for the TAVR team to accelerate the care of the patient. The project will develop and implement an urgent notification system that seamlessly ties together the patient; the cardiac technologists at the m-Health Solutions data centre; the interpreting cardiac electrophysiologist and the TAVR team.

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