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Real-Time Analytics Platform

The Real-Time Analytics Platform is a web-based analytics platform tailored to facilitate the practice of evaluating consumer mHealth apps. The platform will enable innovators to view all analytics-enabled study data collected from their evaluations, in real time.

Specifically, innovators will be able to:

  • Visually monitor a library of effective engagement indicators collected by platform-connected mHealth apps
  • Build filters to group the study sample into subgroups for comparative analyses
  • Monitor the status of informed consent, study progression, and fidelity of intended engagement by consumers
  • Conduct basic statistical analyses on a dynamic outcomes dataset

The robust data and actionable insights generated may embolden innovators to conduct data-driven, equitable, and innovative clinical trials. This understanding may empower innovators to promote more effective engagement with their mHealth interventions, and produce epidemiological improvements in chronic health outcomes. In this way, the Real-Time Analytics Platform will support the adaptation of mHealth apps at the right time and under the right circumstances to accelerate research conduct and improve patient outcomes.

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