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MedChart ROI Platform

MedChart will provide a secure, web-based platform (MedChart ROI Platform) to the Health Information department at Southlake for a defined period to improve the ROI process. Using the MedChart Platform, Health Information department staff will be able to accept requests from patients and third parties, collect consent forms and supporting documentation, accept payment, and upload records. Centralization of the ROI process from individual clinics to the Health Information department will increase privacy compliance.

Patients will be able to go through the ROI process via tablet kiosks placed at various locations in the hospital, and online via the MedChart Platform. Additionally, third parties such as insurance and legal firms will be able to go through the Release of Information process online via MedChart’s Third Party Requestor Platform. They will be able to invite their clients to electronically sign the Southlake consent forms for ROI and receive email notification when records are available within their secure MedChart account.

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