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Improving Mood in Youth

This project aims to deploy an innovative way to tackle Youth Mental Health problems.

Most mental health problems arise before 25 years of age. If untreated, they become long-term, high impact disorders. Youth are the age group most likely to experience mental health problems, substance dependencies, suicidal ideation, and to commit suicide.

Our health system is overloaded and unable to provide help to many who require it. Therefore, we have developed a Made in Canada online intervention combining cognitive-behavioural therapy and meditation in youth with psychiatrically-diagnosed depressive disorders. This intervention will be accessible wherever internet-linked computers and smartphones are available.

We will rigorously test, in a randomized controlled trial, this online intervention for diagnosed disorders, particularly for youth from First Nations-Indigenous and other ethnic backgrounds. Using concurrent economic analyses, the project will demonstrate the cost-savings of online interventions that may enable our mental health system to eliminate wait-lists and enable comprehensive youth service province-wide.

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