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Clinical Intelligence Engine™ (CIE)

Patient readmission puts a sizeable pressure on the healthcare budget (5% of patients consume 2/3 of Ontario’s healthcare budget). To address this challenge, Clinisys is working with the SRHC team to add the analytics component to their current healthcare informatics systems. A data analytics engine developed by Clinisys called Clinical Intelligence Engine™ (CIE), will address the specified challenge by allowing system users to extract, process, filter and visualize complex structured and unstructured health data from Hospital Information Systems (HIS) that would help identify patients who are frequent users of the Emergency Department (ED) services. CIE technology is based on Big Data Analytics that analyzes health data, large in volume, variety and velocity. Besides sorting, processing and publishing data for visual use, the CIE also allows the development and application of subject specific algorithms. This makes the use of this data more meaningful. It is used for operations optimization, higher administrative efficiency and clinical efficacy.

As a result, patients who are likely to become frequent users of the hospital’s Emergency Department will be identified and proactive actions can be devised. Cost savings will be achieved as a result of reduced readmissions. The decrease in ED readmissions is envisioned through timely redirection of the patients from ED to HealthLink teams.

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