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Diabetes Data Liberation Platform

The creation of modern digital health is great, but having devices and technologies that can also all talk to each other is even greater. Diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitors, often struggle to communicate or share their data with other systems. This hinders patients’ ability to export data from their devices, and use complementary tools for self-management of their condition. Sadly, the theme of not being able to access your health data is common.

Through our work with JDRF, the ISO/IEEE 11073 Personal Health Device Working Group and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group Medical Device Working Group, we are furthering the development of interoperability standards for diabetes devices. The core goals of this project are to identify the barriers confronted by manufacturers when trying to implement the standards, and develop strategies to facilitate easy adoption. One of the strategies implemented has been to deliver workshops and toolkits directly to the manufacturers of these devices, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and accelerate adoption of standardized protocols within their technologies. This can enable novel applications and systems that create a highly integrated and interoperable environment, promoting both patient and clinician access to data and helping patients work towards a healthy self.

For detailed information visit: http://standards.ehealthinnovation.org/


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