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DaasPatcher: Streamlining Access to Data

DaasPatcher’s story starts at York University where Dr. Marin Litoiu and his team of researchers tackled a problem that they encountered in the world of Big Data: sharing access to data without creating copies of source data.

With more than 5 years of research in hand, DaasPatcher secures the precise amount of privacy-protected, data needed in order to help simplify data analysis, data visualization and data prediction activities.

Medical Confidence has identified DaasPatcher as a technology that can help streamline access to various data sources. The company works with individuals to help them understand their health-related circumstances, access the ideal physician specialist(s), and ultimately become informed and actively engaged in decisions that will lead to the best possible outcome. To do so, they have a team of experienced analysts that devote much of their time analyzing various healthcare data sets.

As Daaspatcher is customized for Medical Confidence’s use and integrated with their infrastructure, it will use the power of data visualization and analytics to reduce the workload related to data analysis and to improve privacy and security protection measures, leaving the company to do what they do best, namely helping individuals make informed decisions about their health.

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