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Novela Inc.

Novela is a start-up company spun off from the University of Waterloo and founded in 2013. Their technology stems from the research on micro-fabrication, nano-post-processing and biomedical engineering that has been undertaken by their research team at the University of Waterloo since 2004. Novela provides versatile and high-performance advanced micro-electro-mechanical tools for neuroscience research to enable novel clinical applications. Their product line expanded to include wearable technologies for medical research applications.

Over the past 5 years, their research has been focused on development of wireless brain implants to predict and stop epilepsy seizures. They have successfully developed two generations of such devices and validated them on animal models. The patented implantable device is currently in commercialization phase. However, implantable devices are not ideal with respect to promptly detecting brain injury among patients and offer targeted treatments in an effort to prevent further deterioration and disability in patients who experience seizures. Thus, Novela will translate their patented implantable technology into a wearable device that will be used as a low-cost brain monitoring solution in the emergency room.

The wearable device will host a proprietary algorithm for early detection of epilepsy seizures. It will be used to monitor real-time brain activity of the patients who come to the ER with brain injury in order to identify cases that require immediate care and treatment. Novela will provide their expertise and facilities to design and develop custom-made microelectrodes.

Primary Contact

Dr. Salam Gabran