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JDRF Canada

JDRF is a global organization raising funds in seven countries and directing $75M annually to T1D research in over 18 countries. The studies being subsidized are diverse, but all have one thing in common: research that will improve the lives of those living with T1D.

Through strong advocacy leadership, JDRF has contributed over $2 billion since its founding in 1970 (1974 JDRF Canada) to support research that has yielded significant medical advancements and discoveries to cure, better treat and prevent T1D.

Cure: JDRF is developing targeted therapies to replace the insulin-producing beta cells that are destroyed by a person’s immune system and protect them from ongoing attacks.

Treat: JDRF is working on new therapies to prevent people from the devastating long-term complications associated with T1D.

Prevent: JDRF is exploring immune therapies that can stop or reverse the autoimmune process at the initial stages to prevent damage to the pancreas, as well as dependence on external insulin sources.

Primary Contact

Chloé Roussel
National Bilingual Communications Specialist