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ForaHealthyMe Inc.

The ForaHealthyMe Inc. solution delivers a virtual clinic without walls by blending clinical protocols for prehabilitation and rehabilitation patient management with real time analytics, motion tracking, 3D avatars, video & gesture recognition technologies.

Known as virtual rehabilitation or tele-rehabilitation, the ForaHealthyMe Inc. software and analytics engine enables a provider to create custom care plans for patients. Using data related to range of motion and muscle strengthening exercises, a provider can prescribe specific activities to patients prior to and after a surgical procedure.

ForaHealthyMe works with kinesiologists and physical therapists to identify joints for accurate exercise protocols for patients. We create algorithms that allows a camera to capture, process and stream data from joint and angle calculations.

For both providers and payers, the value to the health system is realized via cost-saving through health informatics, disease management, coordinated care and telehealth technologies to increase patient access to care in a place where they prefer to be; i.e. at home.

Primary Contact

Courtney Cole