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Dash Digital Health Inc.

Dash MD is a mobile personal health manager that provides patients with all the tools and resources they need to manage their care.  Dash MD seeks to improve the quality of care that patients receive by helping patients navigate their personal recovery journeys more effectively. Dash MD is currently live in hospital systems in Ontario and is rapidly expanding into hospitals across the province and beyond. Our platform provides patients with personalized guidance every step of the way; before, during, and after care is received both at the hospital and primary care level. Through Dash MD, patients can access relevant aftercare instructions, manage medications and symptoms, and find follow-up care in their community. We are each patient’s healthcare provider in their back-pocket. We work closely with our hospital partners to provide patients with vetted content and to integrate the distribution of Dash MD into existing hospital workflows in a non-disruptive manner.

Primary Contact

Cory Blumenfeld
Chief Operating Officer