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Dapasoft is pioneering the future of healthcare apps and data interoperability. Dapasoft’s iPaaS on Microsoft Azure enables legacy health IT systems and independent SaaS apps to work together seamlessly for improving quality and cost of care. Our iPaaS has pre-built and highly customizable adaptors ideal for easily building and quickly deploying custom healthcare integrations. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Dapasoft is trusted by many global healthcare providers, payors, and app providers to power their business everyday, integrating a wide variety of clinical, EHR, CRM, and health analytics systems.

Our approach sets us apart: We blend 12+ years of healthcare integration expertise on HL7, C-CDA, FHIR, and others with our highly flexible iPaaS and data exchange technology on Microsoft to bolster your business cost effectively and fast–in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid environment.

Primary Contact

Jijesh Devan