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Clinisys EMR Inc.

Clinisys EMR, Inc. is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals from various disciplines including health care, IT, and business, united with one goal: to develop a variety of secure, scalable and user-friendly e-Healthcare solutions for the healthcare industry. Clinisys caters to various sectors in the healthcare industry, including single or multi-physician clinics, specialization clinics, health clinics, nursing homes and government health setups. Our software solutions – including EMR, Allied Health EMR, e-Billing, and Patient Portal – can be implemented within a variety of environments. We aim to create products and services that cater to both physicians and patients and ultimately improve healthcare management practices. Our main office is located in Edmonton, Alberta with other branches in Ontario, British Columbia, and the United States. Clinisys is based on international HL7 healthcare standards, making it an interoperable system in a true sense. These standards help the system to be compatible to other systems, data and devices. Be it standard compliant lab result data or data coming from medical devices, Clinisys is capable of interfacing with it. The interoperable capacity of Clinisys makes it one of the most compatible and user-friendly systems for its system-to-system communications and its ability to aggregate data from other sources.

Primary Contact

Mehadi Sayed
President and CEO