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Lead Partners

York University

The Faculty of Health at York University is on a mission to redefine and advance approaches to keeping people healthier for longer.

York University’s bold ideas are shaping and leading the future of health and health care, not only in Canada but around the world. Through five degree programs – Kinesiology & Health Science, Psychology, Nursing, Health Studies (Informatics, Management and Policy) and Global Health – commitment to excellence is demonstrated through the faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields through leading edge research and through community partnerships to improve health outcomes both locally and globally.

York University undertakes the project management of the Health Ecosphere as a whole and works with its private and not-for-profit partners in the development and commercialization of a suite of health technology solutions focused on addressing gaps in global health diagnostics and screening, medical devices for long-term care, and a state-of-the-art searchable secure primary care data repository.


Southlake Regional Health Centre

Southlake Regional Health Centre is a state-of-the-art regional hospital offering advanced levels of care to more than one million people. Located in the heart of York Region’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cluster, Southlake is helping to drive economic development and investment attraction in health sciences by creating new opportunities for joint ventures in informatics, connected devices, and intelligent communities/smart cities.

Through CreateITNow@Southlake, a new healthcare technology incubator owned and operated by Southlake and located on the Southlake campus, Southlake is working with public and industry partners to stimulate development of innovative health products, services and technologies that will fundamentally change the way health care is delivered.

In collaboration with ventureLAB, Southlake identifies, selects and co-develops a suite of new health technologies through the Health Ecosphere commercialization pipeline.  Southlake brings its expertise in developing and testing new health technologies on the front lines of the healthcare system.


University Health Network

University Health Network is Canada’s leading research academic healthcare institution. Building on the strengths and reputation of each of its programs, UHN brings together the talent and resources needed to achieve global impact and provide exemplary patient care, research and education. UHN owns and operates four major hospitals:

  • Toronto Western Hospital
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

UHN’s Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (CGHI) is one of the largest research institutes devoted to eHealth in the world. The Centre’s combination of research, expertise and approaches provides a unique perspective from which to develop world-class health technologies. CGHI is a thought leader and innovation hub in the Canadian healthcare technology sector and consistently attracts global, multinational and local partners to develop, evaluate and validate healthcare technologies.

The Centre works with for-profit and not-for-profit partners to foster relationships with the public sector in order to develop and validate a large suite of personalized health technologies including applications, pervasive technologies and sensors.